Product Review

Product Review: BuluBox

Thanks to my relationship with SweatPink, a small, bright orange box with funky typography all over it, arrived on my doorstep, free of charge, about a month ago! I was so excited to open it up. Following the latest trend of “surprise sample” boxes that have become popular with beauty products (e.g. Ipsy, StyleBox, etc.),

Product Review

Product Review: Ava Anderson Non-Toxic

Ava Anderson Non-Toxic shut their doors in January 2016 and rebranded as Pure Haven Essentials in March 2016. This AANT product review was written prior to the scandal that led to their demise. For more details, please read: Ava Anderson Scandal and Ava Anderson: Be Kind to Consultants Are your personal care products as clean as your diet?


Certified LesMills BodyFlow Instructor!!

After passing my initial training certification in April, I’ve been living, breathing, and team-teaching BodyFlow for the past couple months. Last week I filmed my full-class video and submitted it to LesMills as the final step in the certification process. Well I just received notification today that I PASSED and am officially a certified BodyFlow/BodyBalance


Homemade Toxic-Free Deodorant

Toxic-free deodorant was something I considered making or purchasing for several months. Then I read a VERY convincing, and thoroughly researched article on Mamavation about the cancer-causing toxins found in mainstream deodorants and anti-persperants like Degree and Secret (check now to see if yours says “active ingredient: aluminum” on the back) and knew it could no


Review: Sweaty Bands Headbands

I have a very love/hate relationship with headbands. I want to love them, and have found several cute ones over the years, but they either squeeze my head so tight that I end up with an excruciating headache, or they slip back and become a serious distraction in the midst of a workout. Raise your


Product Review: Squeez’Ems

I’m keen on making homemade baby food for my 9 month old, but as with all my cooking adventures, I like things simple, quick, and healthy.  Thanks to my NutriBullet, D has unintentionally been on a raw foods diet. Why bake, boil, and cook when I can just make a greens- and fruit-packed smoothie, thicken

Clean Eating

Conventional (Produce) Wisdom

Confession: Besides my leafy greens, we can rarely afford organic produce (I know, send the paleo police!) but I’ve been using Trader Joe’s Fruit & Vegetable Wash to thoroughly wash everything and it’s working well for us. At only $4, this wash will help get any pesticides, waxes, chemicals, or other questionable substances off…you know, the

Product Review

Vega Sport Pre-Workout Energizer

As a Sweat Pink ambassador I have the good fortune of occasionally receiving free product samples to review. I was luckily chosen to be part of the Vega Sport Fuel Your Better campaign, and the products I have received are no less than AMAZING—particularly the Recovery Protein Bar, which I will review at a later

Gluten Free

Noodles + Zucchini = Zoodles!

My favorite obsession lately are zoodles! What are those? Naturally gluten-free, grain-free “pasta” made from zucchini. Noodles + zucchini = zoodles! Back in February, one of my birthday gifts was a spiraler. This awesome little contraption is basically an enormous pencil sharpener that turns zucchini, summer squash, carrots, potatoes, and other oblong-shaped vegetables into thin,


Product Review: Polar FT4

For anyone who follows me on Instagram (@belowthefork), you know that one of the ways I keep myself accountable is by frequently posting photos of the end screen of my Polar FT4 watch after a workout, touting the length of my workout session and the calorie burn. I’m often asked about it, so I thought

Healthy Living

Soy Lecithin & KIND bars = Head Scratcher

Originally I set to write a blog post that would group all the KIND bar flavors into those that contain soy lecithin, and those that do not. However, upon checking the ingredients of each flavor (, I learned that soy lecithin is far too common an ingredient in my precious KIND bars—in fact, it’s in


Benefits of Flaxseeds

The running joke in our house lately has been that flaxseeds are my “signature ingredient.” I put them in everything! It meets the need for improved texture, crunch, and health benefits of any dish. Just 2 T of flaxseeds alone achieves 132% of the recommended daily requirement of omega-3 fats at just 74 calories! For

Gluten Free

Mickey Mouse is Gluten-Free!

My family and I just enjoyed a wonderful, week-long vacation at my parents’ home in Celebration, FL, which of course included 5 fun-filled days in Walt Disney World! Over the past 26 years, I have been to Disney about 12 times; however, this particular visit was the first time I was hitting up the house

Product Review

Product Review: Yonanas

I’ll probably sound like an infomercial as I describe this fabulous device, but I can’t help it. It really is the most impressive little machine we’ve ever had. We use it at least once a week and it totally curbs any cravings for real ice cream. It’s also a great way to sneakily get kids