FASTer Way to Fat Loss

Intermittent Fasting Simplified

One of the most beneficial aspects of FASTer Way is our 16:8 approach to intermittent fasting. This means, 16 hours a day we don’t eat…and for the other 8 hours we do! For me, this means I break my fast at 11:30 am and finish eating for the day by 7:30 pm. For you, it


Office Desk Drawer Staples to Meet Your Macros

Ah the glamorous life of the work-from-office mom…run around like a complete crazy person every morning getting everybody dressed, fed, lunches packed, backpacks ready, you presentable, coffee poured, temper-tantrum calmed, and, and, and… It’s no wonder that we’re the first to ignore our needs to get everybody else out the door! A lot of the