Online Fitcamp

Do you feel out-of-control and unbalanced? Do you feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to take care of your family, responsibilities, and yourself? Is getting to a gym difficult, too expensive, or are you overwhelmed by group classes and cardio equipment? I completely understand. As women, it is exhausting trying to do it all! The good news is we can still lead a very healthy lifestyle without a gym membership or fancy equipment.

OramFinals1-16-16-004-loMost of us want to live healthy lives, but it’s a concern of time and/or money. It is my goal to help women, like you, love themselves towards healthy by providing affordable wellness programming that teaches the benefits and science behind fitness, nutrition, and stress-management in an environment that is most convenient to them.

The next round of my 6-week Love Yourself Towards Healthy Online Fitcamp will be in June! I would love to see if you’re a good fit in a free 20 minute phone call!

Fitcampers receive:

1. A full nutrition plan — For the nutrition part of our program, we are focusing on the QUALITY of God-made ingredients, balancing our macronutrients (fat, protein, and carbohydrate), and slaying our cravings for sugar. More specifically, in Week 1 we have a “reset week” and eat 100% clean. In Week 2 we add back in 2 complex carbs (oats and quinoa). In Week 3 and Week 4 we re-introduce some more all-natural foods, as we make our descent into the 80/20 lifestyle in Weeks 5 & 6.

2. A full workout plan including how-to videos — Each week you will receive 5 workouts that can be done at home.

3. A free 30-minute consultation with a health professional (me!) via Facetime, Zoom, or in person.

4. Access to a private Facebook group with several other awesome women. In this group, you will receive daily encouragement for optimal wellness (including spiritual), guidance on the day, a sounding board, additional challenges & surprises, and much more!

5. Weekly sample meal plans with full recipes. Fitcampers do NOT have to follow the sample meal plan; it’s just there to make meal planning easier!

6. A new grocery list is supplied each week that corresponds to the meal plan.

7. Forget everything you were ever told about diets, losing weight, and particularly the now-debunked science of calories in/calories out. We are NOT counting calories. We are not getting hung up on numbers on a scale. We are not feeling guilty if we have a slip-up. We are not hating ourselves towards skinny through starvation, guilt, or deprivation. Loving yourself towards healthy is a grace-filled journey.

8. A free copy of my ebook, Love Yourself Towards Healthy

9. Discounts on future Below the Fork services.

10. Lifetime access to my “secret” unlisted YouTube videos, including fitness and nutrition videos that are added in the future.

If you want to join us or have any questions, please click here. 

I would love to help you take the first step of loving yourself towards healthy!