FASTer Way to Fat Loss®

Do you feel out-of-control and unbalanced? Do you feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to take care of your family, responsibilities, and yourself? Is getting to a gym difficult, too expensive, or are you overwhelmed by group classes and cardio equipment? I completely understand. As women, it is exhausting trying to do it all! The good news is we can still lead a very healthy lifestyle without a gym membership or fancy equipment.

OramFinals1-16-16-004-loMost of us want to live healthy lives, but it’s a concern of time and/or money. It is my goal to help women, like you, love themselves towards healthy by providing affordable wellness programming that teaches the benefits and science behind fitness, nutrition, and stress-management in an environment that is most convenient to them.

The next round of my 7-week FASTer Way to Fat Loss® fitcamp will be March 25th! 

 In the FASTer Way you will receive:

1. Prep Week plus 6-weeks of accountability & education

2. A full 7-week workout plan (including how-to videos) with track options for beginning/low-impact; gym; or home

3. Access to a private Facebook group with several other awesome women. In this group, you will receive daily encouragement for optimal wellness, guidance on the day, a sounding board, education, ®and much more!

4. Progress over perfection. Forget everything you were ever told about diets, losing weight, and particularly the now-debunked science of calories in/calories out. We are NOT counting calories. We are not getting hung up on numbers on a scale. We are not feeling guilty if we have a slip-up. We are not hating ourselves towards skinny through starvation, guilt, or deprivation. Loving yourself towards healthy is a grace-filled journey.

5. Discounts on future rounds.

If you want to join us or want to learn more, please click here. 

I would love to help you take the first step of loving yourself towards healthy!