Ava Anderson Update: Be Kind to Consultants

For the background story on the fall of Ava Anderson Non-Toxic please see my original blog post. As a female entrepreneur in the health and wellness education industry, I looked up to someone like Ava Anderson. I truly love all my Ava Anderson products, and use them on a daily basis. Ava has so many loyal fans and was doing

Ava Anderson Scandal: Why It Impacts Female Entrepreneurs

When scandals happen to a company, like Ava Anderson Non-Toxic, it obviously affects customers and employees, but it also exposes industry standards and shakes entire communities, such as female entrepreneurs. Ava Anderson, the young female entrepreneur who created Ava Anderson Non-Toxic at age 14, has decided to walk away from her company. In this bizarre turn

Thrive Market

Anyone else been seeing ads/sponsored posts about Thrive Market being an online health food store for “25-50% off retail,” all over their news feeds? It’s shown up in practically every article Dr. Mark Hyman posts now, and they have celebrity trainers like Jillian Michaels talking about how affordable it is. Of course I was intrigued—what healthy-eating,

Review: FreshDirect

Yesterday I grocery shopped from my outdoor patio while my 1 yr old slept. This morning, I received my order at my doorstep by 9 AM and we went on with our day. Pretty magical to say the least! I posted a photo of my delivery this morning on my Instagram (@belowthefork) and Facebook pages,

Product Review: Squeez’Ems

I’m keen on making homemade baby food for my 9 month old, but as with all my cooking adventures, I like things simple, quick, and healthy.  Thanks to my NutriBullet, D has unintentionally been on a raw foods diet. Why bake, boil, and cook when I can just make a greens- and fruit-packed smoothie, thicken

Online Motivation

Last week I decided to take the Tone It Up (TIU) challenge of 150 miles by Summer. TIU’s unique approach (which I love and appreciate so much) is that the mileage is not just calculated by running miles alone. Instead, the challenge honors 10 minutes of heart-thumping cardio exercise as 1 mile. For a Zumba junkie like me, this

Magic in Simplicity

One of my friends posted this Huffington Post article a couple weeks ago and it’s been in the back of my mind ever since. “I’m Done Making My Kid’s Childhood Magical” is of course an attention-seeking headline at first glance, but the content of the article nails exactly what’s been going off-course for our plugged-in

Oil Pulling

In the past month or so, I’ve been asked so many times if I “do oil pulling.” For those who don’t know, oil pulling is putting up to 1 T of a healthy oil (extra virgin cold pressed coconut, sunflower, or olive oil) in your mouth and swishing for 30 minutes. You can’t swallow it,

May is Celiac Awareness Month!

I can’t tiptoe around the fact that my blog has been deafeningly quiet the past 3 months (for good reasons I promise to explain in a week or two!) but there was no way I could let Celiac Awareness Month pass by without posting about it! Inspired by a great Twitter chat I participated in

Opinion: Cleanse Diets

I am not a dietitian or a doctor but I think I know enough about health and nutrition to give an educated opinion and help steer others in the right direction. Sometimes it’s hard being in the wellness industry because, as a professional (and ethical!) licensed massage therapist, I have to do a lot of