Eating Clean on a Small Budget

I recently read a couple articles whose titles promised tips for eating clean on a small income, but they then proceeded to suggest buying organic everything. Umm…I don’t know where these authors live, what their other bills are, or really what they’re even considering a small income but in the realistic land of inflated prices

Soy Lecithin & KIND bars = Head Scratcher

Originally I set to write a blog post that would group all the KIND bar flavors into those that contain soy lecithin, and those that do not. However, upon checking the ingredients of each flavor (, I learned that soy lecithin is far too common an ingredient in my precious KIND bars—in fact, it’s in

Importance of Daily Stretching

I see a wide variety of massage clients: triathletes, stressed out corporate workers with no time to exercise (aka my old self!), MS and arthritis sufferers, men who only exercise during golf season, student athletes, stay-at-home moms, and everyone in between. I give them all the same advice though—stretch EVERY single day, if not multiple

Where Does Your Food Come From?

“With all this rice containing arsenic talk, it just occurred to me that all the gluten free products are heavy on rice to substitute the wheat (rice bread, rice cereal, rice in the flour, rice in bars, etc.) I wonder if Celiac people should slow down on the gluten free products. But heck, meat has

Farmstand Fresh vs Budget

Today I was reminded what an apple is supposed to taste like. One bite into an organic, locally-grown apple, fresh from the farmstand, and I was immediately transported back to my childhood in the apple orchard town of Londonderry, NH. Apples in that town are such a delicacy that I vividly remember on many occasions

Runner or Jogger? Doesn’t matter.

Pace is irrelevant. This is really the only difference I know of: Joggers bounce up & down at stoplights. Runners just stand there, looking pissed.