Truth Pants, Not Scale

Truth Pants are a pair of your favorite jeans (or any pant with a button and zipper) that you feel great in and are sized in your comfort weight zone. Truth Pants are the barometer of if you’ve lost some inches, gained some inches, or are spot on to where you feel healthy. Truth Pants

FREE Wellness Community

Ladies, let’s focus on the positive & uplift each other! I am so excited to announce the launch of my FREE wellness community to empower, educate & encourage you to love yourself towards healthy! The Love Yourself Towards Healthy Community is a private group for women to find encouragement, build confidence, learn wellness tips & tricks, and, most importantly, embrace God’s love

Utilizing Instagram in Your Health Journey

Recent studies have shown that sharing your health goals on social media, especially Instagram, can help you create accountability and be more successful in achieving your goals. When you’re accountable to only yourself, you may be more likely to lose motivation. Here are some ways to utilize Instagram in your Health Journey 1. Create a new

BMI Scale is a Joke.

The BMI Scale is a joke. It has inaccurately mislabeled Americans for decades, and now science is finally catching up to what many of us fitness professional have said for so long: it is a greatly flawed assessment of health. Last week, LA Times reporter, Amina Kahn, wrote “a new study from UCLA finds that some

Importance of Quiet Time

You probably know the scene: that witching hour around dinner time when the house is a-buzz with crazy kids releasing any pent up energy left over from the day as they ramshackle the family room, kitchen, and basically any other room they can get their sticky paws on. This scene in my house typically ends in one of

Milestone: 1000 on Instagram!

Ohmygoodness! I’m so excited! @Belowthefork just hit 1000 followers on Instagram! You guys, this is a milestone I’ve been trying to reach for quite some time. Maybe it’s just me, but I felt I had to work a LOT harder for this than on Twitter; however, I love the community on Instagram so much more

PFK Series 1: Sample Meal Plan

I am excited to team up with Produce for Kids and their healthy eating-focused campaign with ACME Markets that will raise funds for local Feeding America food banks, including the Food Bank of Delaware, Food Bank of South Jersey, and Philabundance. The Produce for Kids campaign offers ACME shopper in-store and online meal solutions, recipes, and

Produce for Kids

Pepperidge Farm Goldfish. If you truly are what you eat, then my oldest son would in fact be a cheddar Pepperidge Farm Goldfish. I’m not proud of it by any stretch of the imagination, but I’m also not as disgusted by it as many of my fellow health/fitness bloggers. Mostly because I grew up eating

Colorful Smoothies

The very base of every healthy smoothie is greens; such as kale, baby spinach, and/or Swiss chard. What happens too often though, is when the green mixes with the reds, blues, and purples of other fruit mix-ins, the result is an unappetizing grayish, thick liquid that sends any discerning child running in the other direction.

New Venture: Essential Oils

I’m on Day 12 of being sick so I finally broke down and ordered a diffuser and essential oils. I’ve been considering it since this past October but cannot afford Young Living or doTERRA oils so I’ve put it off. After researching like crazy, I have finally found an affordable company that still promises pure,

3 Years of Gluten-Free Living

I just realized this week marks my 3 year anniversary of being gluten-free but, more importantly, 3 years of being completely off drugs for ADHD. I can’t believe it has been that long but I have never felt better! There are still days where it’s rough—mainly at holidays and parties—but the pain and discomfort I feel

Deceptions of the Scale

It’s so easy to get scale obsessed and calorie counting obsessed. I can fall into that vicious pattern too and even have gone through periods in the past where I’ve put my scale in a closet for several months. It’s the main reason why I can’t do programs like Weight Watchers where your weekly weight

Eat Clean Means…

Since I’m often asked what I mean when I say “eat clean,” I put together this handy list. Note: this is what I, Meridith (non-RD), personally mean. 85% of the time, this is what I eat. So many delicious natural foods out there that work in so many yummy combinations, what’s not to love and

Quick Tips for Summer Holiday Eating

Summer Holiday Eating time! Finally beautiful blue skies, green grass, and swim time. Spark up that grill and let’s talk about my quick tips for summer holiday eating. Summer Holiday Eating Tips: 1. Bring an appetizer to share of cut up veggies and homemade dip. Healthy, simple dip ideas include mixing EVOO and apple cider

Citrus Water

Upcycle a pasta sauce jar (I used Goo Gone to help scrub the sticky remnants of the label off), cut up any fruits or herbs you have laying around, add water and ice. And voila, just like that you’re Pinterest worthy, baby! It’s so simple and pretty, you’ll be excited to get your hydration on!

In-Season Produce for May

I love this list I’m re-posting, from Produce for Kids, of fruits and veggies that are in-season in May. This means the prices—including organic!—are at their lowest this time of year! Buy extra berries and freeze for smoothies later this year. Spread berries out on a cookie sheet so that none are touching each other;

Produce for Kids

I am so excited to team up with Produce for Kids for their 12th annual “Get Healthy, Give Hope” campaign, which is a national fundraiser that’s expected to reach $5 million dollars in overall donations to children’s organizations this year! The campaign runs from May through July 2014 with the support of more than 35 fresh

Happy Friday!

This has been one of the longest, craziest weeks I’ve had in a really long time. It started off with my house being heat-less and torn apart for the ridiculously expensive installation of both a new HVAC and a central AC unit. In the middle of the week, my parents’ house was put on the

Oil Pulling

In the past month or so, I’ve been asked so many times if I “do oil pulling.” For those who don’t know, oil pulling is putting up to 1 T of a healthy oil (extra virgin cold pressed coconut, sunflower, or olive oil) in your mouth and swishing for 30 minutes. You can’t swallow it,

Make Your Own Cloth Wipes

It’s pretty easy to find someone who will tell you how awesome cloth diapering is (like me!) but I feel like no one remembers to also give props to cloth wipes! All you need is rectangles of fabric (I buy mine pre-cut but you can make your own), water, baby shampoo, and an empty wipes