3 Unexpected Ways You’re Getting Hurt at the Gym

You know that nagging injury you got, but you have no idea how? You might chalk it up to sleeping wrong, or getting old, or maybe it was during that intense fitness class you took last week. Or maybe, it’s from one of these 3 unexpected ways you’re getting hurt at the gym. For the

BMI Scale is a Joke.

The BMI Scale is a joke. It has inaccurately mislabeled Americans for decades, and now science is finally catching up to what many of us fitness professional have said for so long: it is a greatly flawed assessment of health. Last week, LA Times reporter, Amina Kahn, wrote “a new study from UCLA finds that some

3 Times the Charm!

On Monday, I took a Les Mills BodyPump class for the first time. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but a couple of my friends always rave about it, and it aligns with my postpartum fitness goals of increasing strength, stamina, and muscle tone, so I finally got the courage to try it. In just one

Sweat is…

I saw this quote on Twitter the other night and thought it was hilarious—and true! LOVE IT!!! Using the iPhone app, Over, I used an up-close shot of my yoga pants as a background and reworded it slightly. 

Importance of Daily Stretching

I see a wide variety of massage clients: triathletes, stressed out corporate workers with no time to exercise (aka my old self!), MS and arthritis sufferers, men who only exercise during golf season, student athletes, stay-at-home moms, and everyone in between. I give them all the same advice though—stretch EVERY single day, if not multiple

Making New Goals

Today was the first time I felt running a 10k race could be a legitimate new goal for me. I ran a consistent 6.2 miles this morning–the longest I’ve run since I began running 6 months ago.  Aside from the mileage, I am particularly proud of myself because I pushed my 27 lb toddler in

Dance Like No One’s Watching

Zumba has been all the rage for a few years now but I’ve only been taking it for a few short weeks. I love it because it reminds me of all the jazz dance classes I took growing up, only in Zumba they don’t teach you the choreography before setting you loose. Trying to keep

Planning for the Week Ahead

My husband is currently training for the Philadelphia Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon in September (follow his journey on Twitter: @marshalloram). This means he’s deep into a rigorous training schedule designed by professional triathletes and marathoners who know the right variations of mileage leading up to the big race day. For weeks he’s been waking