What’s as Good as Perfect?

Perfect? The only thing that is perfect is God’s love for us. Otherwise there is no such thing as perfect! Where we can achieve some level of perfection—something that is as good as perfect in our fitness and nutrition plans—is by having the self-awareness and confidence to identify an unhealthy habit, learn from it, and

5 Steps to Finding the Best Coach

Sometimes people choose a fitness program, a mentorship program, or a business coach because they see it’s worked for other people. That girl lost 10 lbs so I will too! That’s not to say you won’t be successful, but here is my 5 step process for finding a coach who meets your needs, and why who YOU

Evolving Your Blog Into a Business

Here are my top 4 tips for evolving your blog from an idea, into a business. Share and promote your posts! It sounds so basic, but people get nervous about sharing. Believe in your content. Even if you’re just inspiring one person; the time you have spent on your blog is worth it. Just do it!

3 Tips to Become ORGANIZED in the New Year

When people hear the word “organized” they often think of a super clean house, and while that’s certainly a small aspect of it, being organized also includes time-management, and reducing stress levels. If you feel like someone who is always going a mile a minute, overwhelmed, or that you’re always late to your appointments or

Post-Halloween Re-Set

Confession! I have eaten way too much Halloween candy the past few days and I’m badly feeling it. We were also on vacation in Florida for two weeks, and there may have been wine and mojitos involved. And Dole Whips… Did I also mention the Halloween candy? Starting TODAY, I am beginning a variation of Whole30

Forward Focus

I’m done wallowing in frustration and disappointment that my body failed to carry our third child. I considered writing a big, long blog post about that, but I’m not going to do it. No words exist to properly explain it to someone who has never been through it and anyone who has suffered a miscarriage

Eat Clean + Working Out = Healthy YOU

I posted this on my Instagram and Facebook pages but I feel so passionate about this message, I’m posting on here too! Trust the simple formula: eating clean + working out = healthy you. I’m not sure what’s going on but I’m seeing a craze of quick fixes & marketing BS littering my timelines. I