I went the lazy route again and made a video instead of writing—too hot to think! In today’s video I talk about two really cool apps I just learned about that will help you to evaluate the quality of ingredients in all your skin, body and hair products.

As I begin my mission to take better care of my skin, these apps are an awesome resource. Watch the video below to find out which app is the best!

Think Dirty: https://appsto.re/us/hYx9O.i

GoodGuide: https://appsto.re/us/SOoJr.i

I also mention my DIY Deodorant, which you can find the recipe for here: https://belowthefork.com/blog/recipe-blog/homemade-toxic-free-deodorant/

Additionally, I touch a bit on Ava Anderson Non-Toxic. Please know I have NOT tested these products yet, but they are definitely something I will be trying in the next couple of weeks. Their ingredients are the cleanest of all the skin care products I have seen on the market. In the video, I tried to give my Ava consultant (my oldest friend, Kaylie) some cred but of course I botched her web address! Please go to: http://avaandersonnontoxic.com/kayliestewart instead of the incorrect one I noted in the video.

Have a great weekend everyone!!

PS—my nails are Jamberry wraps; not paint! Haute Pink (Glossy) and Metallic Gold Pinstripe. Shop here: http://meroram.jamberry.com

EDIT: So turns out I had GoodGuide backwards and thought their ranking was the same as Think Dirty when really they do it opposite. For GG, a 10 is clean, and 0 is toxic. For Think Dirty, a 10 is toxic, and a 0 is clean. Confused yet? Yeah, just download Think Dirty and call it a day.

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