I’m very excited to announce that I am now an I’m Fit Possible Ambassador! This just means I will have more access to, and inspiration from, others in the health and fitness community, as well as more opportunities and content for my blog!

Taken from Imfitpossible.com, the philosophy is:

We are a fast growing group of fitness and wellness enthusiasts that are socially focused, creative and yes, a little sassy. We tackle hot topics, product reviews, social media promotional campaigns and content creation. We are actively posting new and original content through the I’m Fit Possible Community, as well as our own personal blogs. We are social media rock stars. We are basically the Bon Jovi’s of social media. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Flickr, Tumblr, Instagram and YouTube. You name it, we rock it. We also share our own stories, not to motivate, but to inspire. Cuz really, you’ve gotta find your own motivation. Pictures of chiseled abs and inspirational fitspo quotes won’t do that. So we won’t even bother. Did we mention the sassy part?

I love it!

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