I’m officially a Zumba instructor! It was tempting to start this post off with “I now get to shake my booty for a living!” but that sounded a little too much like Mindy Collette on ‘Friday Night Lights,’ so I went with the more direct announcement.

This past weekend I spent a solid 9 hours training to be a Zumba instructor. It was exhausting but so much fun! I haven’t spent so many consecutive hours dancing since ‘Nutcracker’ rehearsals circa 1996! We learned the history, teaching and cueing techniques, how to break down a song for choreography, and most importantly, the four basic Zumba rhythms—cumbia, salsa, reggaeton, and merengue. There were all walks of life there.  Girls who were easily 16 or 17; women in their 50s and maybe even a few in their 60s; a few guys; skinny, overweight; some who seemed unlikely to ever teach; and others who you could tell just by seeing them that they are going to be fabulous Zumba instructors.

Overall it was a fabulous experience. I can’t wait to start teaching!

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