Braiden Is 3 Years Old!

As of tomorrow, I am (somehow) the mother of a three year old. How is this possible?! Time has flown by so quickly as of late, that I fully and thoroughly comprehend how the elders have always said, with a sort of sad sentiment in their eye, to cherish and hold on to these moments as they fly by. It’s often difficult to do in the midst of dirty diapers, crying and spit up during the first year, and the demands–oh, the demands!–of the toddler era. And what an era it is. My dear sweet baby boy has gone from this:


To this (2/1/11):

One Year Old 005

To this (2/1/12):

2012-01-29 13.55.04

To present day:



I am very, very blessed to be the mother of an intelligent (sometimes TOO intelligent), handsome boy who has an incredible imagination and an innate ability to detect and concern himself with other people’s feelings. He is stubborn like his mommy and daddy. He loves music, reading stories, anything Disney, trains, cars, “Movie Cars”, and often talks of his best friends, Drew & Ryan. His favorite song is Zac Brown Band’s “Island Song,” and his favorite food is mac & cheese.

Happy 3rd Birthday, James Braiden!

IMG_1933 IMG_1937 IMG_1940 IMG_2012 IMG_2285 IMG_2623 IMG_2683 IMG_2928 IMG_2946


And probably my favorite photo of ALL time, Braiden & his best buddy Grampy (my dad):

photo (1)

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