Braiden Is 3 Years Old!

As of tomorrow, I am (somehow) the mother of a three year old. How is this possible?! Time has flown by so quickly as of late, that I fully and thoroughly comprehend how the elders have always said, with a sort of sad sentiment in their eye, to cherish and hold on to these moments as


Benefits of Flaxseeds

The running joke in our house lately has been that flaxseeds are my “signature ingredient.” I put them in everything! It meets the need for improved texture, crunch, and health benefits of any dish. Just 2 T of flaxseeds alone achieves 132% of the recommended daily requirement of omega-3 fats at just 74 calories! For


Opinion: Cleanse Diets

I am not a dietitian or a doctor but I think I know enough about health and nutrition to give an educated opinion and help steer others in the right direction. Sometimes it’s hard being in the wellness industry because, as a professional (and ethical!) licensed massage therapist, I have to do a lot of

Gluten Free

Cucumber Cups

These cucumber cups are one of the easiest things I make. They’re very healthy and naturally gluten-free so are great for parties, lunch or as a snack! Fun for kids too. My recipe is for tuna fish, but this can easily be swapped out for chicken, egg or ham salad. The trick to keeping this


250 Miles for the Year!

I began running at the end of March to prepare for my first 5K in mid-April. I started with the “Ease into 5K” iPhone app and was initially “running” 14:07 miles. It took till Week 4 Day 3 to reach a respectable 11:09 pace for a 5K run and on May 14th I ran 4

Gluten Free

Broccoli Cheddar Dip

Happy New Year’s Eve! I hope you’ve enjoyed the past week of my appetizer recipes series. Today is another super easy dish that always gets devoured at parties. Serve with crudités, bagettes (if no one is gluten-free), or Glutino crackers. Broccoli Cheddar Dip Total Time: 55 minutes | Serves: 12 Pre-heat oven to 350 Ingredients:

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Sweet Onion & Dill Dip

It may have taken 5 days, but we have finally reached an appetizer recipe that is served with crudités. I originally found this recipe when I was doing Weight Watchers and, after a few adjustments, I have made it my own while still keeping it low fat. Sweet Onion & Dill Dip Total Time: 15

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Grilled Clams

As we round day 4 of my New Year’s Eve appetizers series, I wanted to feature a recipe that you don’t typically see at parties. It’s a bit pricier than some of the cheese-based dips, but for a small gathering, it’s a unique and memorable dish. It seems fancy but it’s truly easy to make.

Gluten Free

Pepperoni Pizza Dip

This is literally hot pizza in a cup, and is perfect on a cold night with a few other guests (so there’s more to go around!) Very easy to make and a guaranteed hit at all parties. Serve with corn chips (like Fritos Scoops) or, if no one’s gluten-free, sliced bagette. Pepperoni Pizza Dip Total

Gluten Free

Beer & Cheese Fondu

This cheese fondu is a lower fat Welsh Rarebit sauce that is a must at our New Year’s Eve appetizer buffet. We serve with tortilla chips, ham cubes, smoked turkey cubes, broccoli, and, before I was gluten-free, bread. I have a mini crock pot that came with my large one that we serve this in

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3-Layer Mexican Dip

I hope everyone had a wonderful and blessed Christmas with their family. As we enter the last week of 2012, I’m kicking off a week-long series of delicious, easy recipes for appetizers. For the past 6 years or so, my husband and I have ditched the hype of going out on New Year’s Eve and


Lessons Learned in 2012

2012 has been an extraordinary year of major changes. I’ve learned some hard lessons (some of which I probably should have learned a long time ago), but I also learned some great things about myself. Some of the new changes were great successes, while others will need to be reversed or significantly altered in the

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Lazy Protein-Filled Breakfast

I certainly can’t take credit for this recipe—I’ve seen it mentioned in Weight Watchers forums for years, but have never tried it till this morning. Well I’m totally kicking myself now for waiting so long, because it’s the easiest, non-packaged breakfast ever. Not as good as making scrambled eggs in a frying pan, of course,


Stress, Money & Those Bastards, The Joneses

The news is bad enough with depressing reports of violence and war, but the current economic concerns are not just stories that happen to other people—it’s a reality that’s impacting all Americans, including you.  Decisions in Congress (or lack there of) are affecting your paycheck, your bank account, and your family’s future.  This Fiscal Cliff


Trade Expectation for Appreciation

At yoga this morning, my teacher appropriately kept the focus on gratitude for what we have, what our bodies enable us to do, and appreciation of our accomplishments. She quoted Tony Robbins several times throughout our practice,   Trade your expectation for appreciation and the world changes instantly She went on to explain that our

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Gluten-Free Pumpkin Pie

This take on the Thanksgiving staple should really be named “the pie you make when you wake up hungover late on Thanksgiving morning and realize you’re supposed to bring the pumpkin pie!” It’s super easy to make, it’s gluten-free (or not, I bet those spiced wafers would be an awesome gluten swap in), and it’s


Live Life Purposefully

I focus a lot on nutrition and fitness on this blog, but I also am very aware of the importance of spiritual and emotional health. You can be running marathons and following a strict paleo diet, but if you’re in a job you hate, a toxic relationship, or in an unhealthy situation, those efforts in

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Spaghetti Squash with Marinated Chicken

I’ve been intrigued and wanting to try spaghetti squash for quite awhile now–especially after seeing my ultra-healthy cousin-in-law serve it to her daughters while we were visiting in NH this past summer. Triggered by an article on, I finally remembered to add it to my shopping list this week. I searched online today for


A New Class: Flow Fusion

I hope everyone stayed safe and had minimal damage in the wake of Hurricane Sandy earlier this week. We were extremely fortunate, but have been thinking about those who were not. In spite of the frightening winds, we only lost power for about 6 hours on Tuesday. We made light of the situation as much

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Mickey Mouse is Gluten-Free!

My family and I just enjoyed a wonderful, week-long vacation at my parents’ home in Celebration, FL, which of course included 5 fun-filled days in Walt Disney World! Over the past 26 years, I have been to Disney about 12 times; however, this particular visit was the first time I was hitting up the house