Benefits of Flaxseeds

The running joke in our house lately has been that flaxseeds are my “signature ingredient.” I put them in everything! It meets the need for improved texture, crunch, and health benefits of any dish. Just 2 T of flaxseeds alone achieves 132% of the recommended daily requirement of omega-3 fats at just 74 calories!

For those who don’t like fish or taking fish oil supplements, meet your new best friend: flaxseeds. According to, “among all 129 World’s Healthiest Foods, flaxseeds comes out number one as a source of omega-3s!” That’s a pretty big deal considering the omega-3 in flaxseeds contribute to improved artery health, elevated HDL levels (good cholesterol) while lowering LDL levels (bad cholesterol), improved mental health and digestive health, and may even help prevent cancer due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant factors. ¬†Additionally, there’s a lot of fiber in flaxseeds which also aids in digestive health. Quite the nutritional punch for such a tiny seed.

You can easily buy a bag of flaxseeds at the grocery store (it’s located in the organic section at my local Wegman’s). It’s a little pricy, but I promise that even as a flaxseed-aholic, it lasts for a long time. I sprinkle flaxseeds on yogurt, salads, steamed vegetables (like kale and broccoli), on chicken, and on pasta. I also add it to chicken salad and tuna salad. I ground it in bake goods, smoothies from my NutriBullet, and in sauces. There are some studies that suggest that to truly absorb the full nutritional benefits of flaxseeds, it needs to be grounded into a flour-like substance, but I eat it both ways. The possibilities are endless!


Meridith Oram
Meridith Oram is an ACE-Certified Health Coach at Below the Fork where she encourages women to love themselves towards healthy. She is married with two boys, and lives outside of Philadelphia. She earned a B.A. in Communications from Villanova University. Meridith writes about FASTer Way to Fat Loss, fitness, nutrition, Celiac Disease, and easy (but delicious!) gluten-free recipes at Follow her @belowthefork on all social channels.

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