After a year of being a stay-at-home mom, I started a new part-time (quarter-time?) job this past week at a health club! I had seemingly outrageous criteria, and they were able to meet it all. It’s only about 10 hours per week, but I am loving this sweet taste of adult conversation again! And, of course, being surrounded by healthy-minded people is a huge bonus. I’m being trained these first two weeks, so my schedule has been a bit erratic. Pair that with evening vacation Bible school (VBS) at our church this week, and we’re all over the place compared to our normal, easy-going schedule of summer.

As always, the last social media spot to be disturbed by my crazy life is Instagram, so here are some noteworthy moments from the past week. Hope everyone is staying cool in this heat!

Meridith xo


veggie and homemade dip.jpg

This was my contribution to our family pool-side BBQ. I simply whipped up this dip like it was a smoothie with berries, banana, chia seeds, coconut milk & lemon zest, and then thickened it with gluten-free oats

iced coffee.jpg

The only way to survive the intense humidity…iced coffee with coconut milk, pure vanilla extract, and cinnamon.

cantaloupe bowl.jpg

Is any other word besides “yum” really needed?

lettuce wrapped burger.jpg

Perfectly paleo and perfectly delicious. (Also still rocking my Jamberry manicure!)

Below the Fork or end.jpg

If ONLY he had phrased it “below the fork” instead!!!


Wild-caught salmon with a homemade pesto (basil, EVOO, flaxseeds, lemon & walnuts); quinoa; and broccoli florets.


cloth diaper tree.jpg

I’m a cloth diapering mama and I got fluff mail this week! This order should officially complete my stash. The Kawaii was free—thanks!



Because who doesn’t love a good yolk

PB Banana sandwiches on top.jpg

This heat is killer so the only eating solution is throw frozen PB banana sandwiches on top of Greek yo, berries, and of course more PB. Lazy, nutritious AND refreshing.


My favorite water these days: lemon, cucumber & mint from my backyard!


  1. Kim Rhoades

    Are you dairy free except for your yogurt? Or do you just omit parm in your pesto?

    • meridith

      I’m not dairy free by any stretch—cheese is my BFF and why I can never be 100% paleo. I don’t put cheese directly into the pesto, because I sprinkle it on top right before serving.


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