My husband and I are on a weekend getaway without kids for the first time in almost 4 years. I just had to share these photos from our run on the gorgeous Hudson River Walk in New York. It’s a pedestrian-only bridge connecting both sides of the river together. Beautiful views! 

It was also the inaugural run for my new Brooks Pure Flows! I accidentally left my running shoes at home, but I was due for a new pair anyway. We went to the mall and I scored these for $59 at DSW—normally they’re $100! So comfortable.

Last night we were near Albany for my college roommate’s wedding. This morning we drove to Poughkeepsie for the day and night, and tomorrow we’re going to Brooklyn for the sole purpose of visiting Jennifer’s Way Bakery; an allergen-free bakery where I can eat EVERYTHING and ANYTHING!! Be on the lookout for a future post about it!

In the meantime, enjoy these gorgeous photos:



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