Summer Holiday Eating time! Finally beautiful blue skies, green grass, and swim time. Spark up that grill and let’s talk about my quick tips for summer holiday eating.

Summer Holiday Eating Tips:

1. Bring an appetizer to share of cut up veggies and homemade dip. Healthy, simple dip ideas include mixing EVOO and apple cider vinegar (very hot weather friendly); or using plain Greek yogurt as a base with various herbs and garlic. This will ensure you’re filling up on the healthy stuff and will help you better navigate the main spread later in the day. Also, I don’t know who created the very false misconception that guacamole is bad for you, but it’s actually very GOOD for you. It’s the corn chips that make it unhealthy, so dip your cut up veggies into it instead. You’re welcome.

2. Fill your plate with more protein (an extra chicken breast or hamburger patty) and less mayo-based “salads.” You’re going to ring up unexpected calories and grams of sugar on buns, marinades, BBQ sauce, and condiments; however, if you still give yourself a few delicious (but controlled!) bites of your Aunt Millie’s famous potato salad, you won’t feel deprived either. This is why I preach 80% healthy, 20% whatever!

And if you end up indulging too much: own it, learn from it, kick butt at the gym tomorrow, and move on.

3. Freeze smoothie mixture in one of those cheap Popsicle molds you can buy at grocery stores or Target, and always have a go-to refreshing dessert in your freezer.

4. It’s easy to get dehydrated when you’re in the sun and drinking beers with friends. If you’re hosting the party, be sure to set out pitchers of iced water with slices of fresh citrus, cucumbers, and berries. It’ll be more appealing and more likely to be enjoyed between alcoholic beverages. If you’re going a party, fill up a re-useable bottle with water and fresh fruit to bring with you.

5. Summer is meant for fun! Off-set the delicious foods with swimming, chasing your kids and/or dog around the yard, a friendly game of volleyball, or an evening run.

Don’t overthink it, don’t count calories, and don’t stress. Just do the best you can and keep at it.

And remember…


Happy Summer everyone!

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