Ohmygoodness! I’m so excited! @Belowthefork just hit 1000 followers on Instagram! You guys, this is a milestone I’ve been trying to reach for quite some time. Maybe it’s just me, but I felt I had to work a LOT harder for this than on Twitter; however, I love the community on Instagram so much more so it’s been well worth it.

Back when belowthefork.com was barely in existence (and even currently when I have days where I feel like no one cares or notices) I remind myself that even if I only inspire one person, it will be worth it. Having a larger audience isn’t just a numbers game for me. It’s an opportunity to provide real, everyday peeks into my kitchen and workouts. I truly want everyone to LOVE themselves towards healthy, and to know that it can be done simply and deliciously. No expensive programs, no packaged foods, and no gimmicks. Just simple, real food choices and movement. 
Thank you all for the daily inspiration and motivation! I can’t tell you how many times one of your photos sparks a new recipe or workout idea for me! I LOVE the exchange of healthy tips on here, and I can only hope I’m even just a smidgen of inspiration for you too! Keep pushing me to do better and I hope to bring you even better content. 

xoxo Meridith


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