Happy Sunday! Once again it’s time to reflect on the past week–applaud ourselves for our victories (as big or small as they may be), acknowledge and learn from our failures, and set a new goal for the upcoming week.

This past week my goal was to eat grain-free. I was 90% successful with it and I’m more than okay with that! Over the past few months I’ve spent a lot of time researching and considering the paleo diet, but continue to draw the same conclusion: it’s just not a practical lifestyle for me. For those who don’t know, the paleo lifestyle is based on what our cavemen ancestors ate: meat, vegetables, nuts, eggs, and some fruit. A large percentage of my current diet is made up by those 5 categories, but it’s missing some very important (and tasty!) ones; most notably, dairy.  I also need some form of grain carbohydrate to keep my sanity. The only reason I occasionally abstain from the grain (ooh I need to copyright that!) is to reset my digestive track after getting glutinized. Have you tried paleo or even just a week of grain-free eating? What did you find was the hardest part?

My goal for this week is switching back to fitness, in that I want to try something new. This might be a bit of a “lay-up” goal since I already know I have a personal training session set up, compliments of my gym, but I think it’s important to include a goal such as this every month or so. What is your goal for the week?



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