I have no idea where the month of September went, but alas we find ourselves on the first of October. The last few weeks have been full of beautiful Fall weddings, outdoor runs, first seasonal bouts of stomach bug, and even a few sweaters. The leaves are slowly starting to change, and the hunt for the perfect pumpkin is quickly upon us. I love this time of year, as there are so many enjoyable outdoor activities for the whole family.

Last week my goal was to take 3 yoga classes and run a collective 8 miles. That didn’t happen as I did not take into account that I was a bridesmaid in one of my best friend’s wedding this past weekend. I did manage to take 3 yoga classes–which felt awesome–but ran 0 miles; a complete flip-flop of the previous week where I ran over 8 miles and only made it to 1 yoga class. It seems so do-able but maybe it’s too ambitious of a goal for me at this time since I keep missing it.

This week I am taking a different approach and setting a nutrition goal only. I, with the help of delicious wine, willingly indulged in some gluten-filled goodies throughout the wedding festivities this weekend and have been feeling the effects the past two days. Ah, the joys of returned ADHD symptoms (including major impatience, frustration, unclear thoughts, and forgetfulness), fatigue, and GI issues! (At the very least, the wedding cake, real beer, and pigs in a blanket were really good.)

My goal this week is to eat clean and grain-free. I, of course, will be sure to include some mean workouts throughout the week, but I need to re-focus on my eating. I also find going grain-free after eating gluten helps me shake off the symptoms in half the time. This is the first time I’ve gone this far off course of my gluten-free lifestyle though, so I anticipate it will take longer than usual.

What is your goal for this first week of October?

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