We’re a day away from the last month of 2015. What?! I can’t believe it! This year flew by. As we’re full-throttle into the holiday season now, it’s imperative that we utilize the lull of this post-Thanksgiving week, to really start formulating our goals for the new year.

I intentionally stay away from the phrase “new year’s resolutions”—I don’t like that term! I think it has bad connotations, particularly in the fitness world. Why? People typically are too broad with their goal and neglect to come up with a plan to accomplish them. For example, many will say “I want to get fit this year!” That’s a great goal, but the more important part to consider is how will you accomplish this goal.

Using this example, I will walk you through how to write out and plan the accomplishment of your goals.

Get out that notebook and pen! We’re kicking it old-school. 

In building out your goals, answer the following questions, in order:

  1. What genre is your goal in? (e.g. health, family, financial, business)
  2. What is your BIG broad goal? (sky is the limit!) 
  3. Break it down. What is your specific goal for the next 6 months that will put you closer to your broad goal?
  4. Why is this your goal? List 2-3 reasons why.
  5. List 1-2 actionable items you can start doing immediately to work towards your goal.
  6. List 1-2 longer term actionable items that you can do throughout the year.
  7. Who can hold you accountable for accomplishing these goals –or– who might have similar goals I can work with?
  8. List 2-3 ways you will know you accomplished your specific goal.

Here’s an example using one of my goals for 2016:

  1. Genre: Group Fitness/work
  2. BIG broad goal: Be one of the most trusted group fitness instructors at my gym.
  3. Specific goal: My goal is to get another class added to my schedule so that I am consistently teaching group fitness 3x per week.
  4. This is my goal because:
    1. I enjoy what I do and want to do it more often!
    2. I want to increase my income.
    3. I want to provide safe and efficient classes, so others can accomplish their fitness goals with a minimized chance of injury.
  5. Immediate Actionable Items
    1. I can start taking other group fitness classes to determine which type(s) of class format I would like to teach.
    2. I can let my boss know that I am very interested in adding another class to my schedule.
    3. I can let other instructors know that I am interested in adding another class to my schedule (in case they’re looking to drop a class)
    4. I can substitute more often.
  6. Longer Term Actionable Items
    1. Get another fitness certification (Pilates?)
      1. Research cost, location, offerings, confirm it’s accepted at my gym, etc.
  7. I will hold myself accountable, as well as J.
  8. I will know I’ve accomplished my goal when another class is added to my schedule and I am consistently teaching 3x per week.

Setting goals can be hard and it takes practice! I personally am setting goals for Below the Fork, goals for my job (the example above is my for real goal!), goals for my personal fitness, and goals for my family. Goals can range from various levels of difficulty from quitting your job (that was my 2011 goal), reading The Bible from cover to cover (2013’s goal), or smaller like feeding your children healthier breakfasts each morning.

I would LOVE to help you with your goals! If you have any questions about my 8-step plan to mapping out goals, or just want another set of eyes on your goals, please email me at msmeroram@belowthefork.com. I would love to hear from you! 

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