When your heart screams “dessert!!” but your head says “no!” This is that perfect treat you’ve been looking for. No artificial-crap packaged substitutions that programs like Weight Watchers always seem to conjure up (anyone else a former abuser of 100 Calorie Pack fudge stripe cookies? Ugh.) No, this is clean eating at its finest! Proof that nature has already given us everything we need to quell the cravings. 

So simple, I’m not even going to use my standard recipe format! (Or I’m just being lazy, but let’s go with the first thing I said.)

-1 apple, washed and sliced (I used organic gala)

-1 heaping tablespoon of REAL peanut butter (step away from the JIF and Skippy! Peanuts and sea salt should be the ONLY ingredients. And I mean only.)

-Organic wild honey or melted raw honey. Drizzle about 1-2 tsp over apples.

Dip. Bite. Chew. Smile. Repeat. 

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