After passing my initial training certification in April, I’ve been living, breathing, and team-teaching BodyFlow for the past couple months. Last week I filmed my full-class video and submitted it to LesMills as the final step in the certification process. Well I just received notification today that I PASSED and am officially a certified BodyFlow/BodyBalance instructor!!! So excited!!! 

I was impressed with LesMills as a regular participant of Flow and BodyPump, but now that I’ve been through th certification process of one of their programs I am completely floored with their resources, trainers, written guides, customer service, and the rigorous expectations they have for their instructors. I even received feedback that was clearly specific to my video and not a canned response! Such attention to detail means the instructors become better teachers, and participants are guaranteed an awesome class. Whoo hoo!!! 

If you’re new to being a group fitness instructor, I highly recommend starting out in a certification program with LesMills. I’ve also been through Zumba teacher certification, and I can tell you there is NO comparison. I walked out of my one-day Zumba training thinking “well that was a fun day of dance, but now what?” Zumba requires a LOT of self-starting and a natural talent to choreograph. If you have those skills, you’ll do great but as someone who needed way more, I wasn’t given the tools, training, coaching, and confidence from Zumba that I received from LesMills.

Kia Ora! 


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