My husband is currently training for the Philadelphia Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon in September (follow his journey on Twitter: @marshalloram). This means he’s deep into a rigorous training schedule designed by professional triathletes and marathoners who know the right variations of mileage leading up to the big race day. For weeks he’s been waking up super early and hitting the pavement before most people even think about their first cup of coffee. He has PR goals in mind, and is focused on the finish line. That sort of dedication is very impressive for serious runners out there, but what about the rest of us who are just trying to be lean, fit and healthy?

I might not have a demanding schedule training me for a specific event, but in a way I am still planning for my week ahead. On Sunday evenings I think about what my mini goal for the week will be, and then determine when and how I will work out. Thinking ahead helps create structure to my week, gives me things to look forward to, and of course, gives me accountability. My schedule has typically been the same the past month in that I take yoga on Mondays and Wednesdays, Zumba on Tuesdays (and sometimes Friday), and a lean conditioning class on Thursday, but I might get bored with this in another month and be looking to change it up. I am fortunate enough to belong to a wonderful gym with free classes included in membership, but you don’t need to belong to a gym in order to be successful in your weekly workouts. There’s a plethora of exercise videos on YouTube, OnDemand (Verizon & Comcast), as well as DVDs and the open road. Make up your own weekly “class” schedule using these free resources, such as: Yoga Mondays, Tai Bo Tuesdays, Running Wednesdays, etc. Mixing up your method of workout will keep you engaged and excited about fitness, and will help you more likely stay on track.

Do you plan your workouts at the beginning of each week?


  1. Gluten Free Traveller

    The only time I planned my workouts was when I was training for my first (and so far only) marathon. I’m so glad I did because it gave me the confidence to go all the way on the day but sometimes it’s nice to be more relaxed about it. Whether I have a half coming up or not I just run whenever and for how long I feel like. I do keep track of all my miles though so that I have a big number to feel proud of at the end of the year 🙂

  2. meridith

    Good for you for running a marathon! This past Spring I had a mileage goal in mind for each month, but didn’t plan each day on how I was going to get to that goal. That made for many consecutive days of running the last week of the month though! The number 1 reason I’m on DailyMile is so that I have that weekly, monthly, yearly tally. As a new runner, it feels great to see the numbers since last year my running mileage was basically 0. I have not been running nearly as much since the hot weather came in, and since I prefer running outside instead of the boring treadmill, it’s been hard. Looking forward to hitting the pavement when the weather cools!


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