I posted this on my Instagram and Facebook pages but I feel so passionate about this message, I’m posting on here too!

Trust the simple formula: eating clean + working out = healthy you.

I’m not sure what’s going on but I’m seeing a craze of quick fixes & marketing BS littering my timelines. I get that summer is coming and people are panicking but the first thing I want/need to say is YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! ESPECIALLY ALL THE MOMMIES OUT THERE! Second thing I want/need to say is that if these miracles existed, we wouldn’t be in this mess of an obesity epidemic. Read my “Little Goals Add Up!” post on my blog from last week, give yourself some GRACE, and strap on your sneakers. Don’t tell me you don’t have the time or resources. Spend the 45 minutes you would’ve wasted with a “quick fix” and spend it dancing in the kitchen with your babies or yourself. Let’s do it the right way.

There’s no starvation in eating clean, no regrets in working out, and certainly no better way to get long-lasting results.


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